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The Sharon Men's Club of Sharon (SMC) was established in 1992 and was born out of a recognition that retirement creates a void in one's life.

​We worked for years, and then on retirement we are confronted with the reality that our daily routine has changed, and we now must find new ways to occupy the large amount of time that has suddenly become available.

​David Adler, Norma Fitzgerald, and Dave Clifton met and discussed the value of a social group that would not only help retirees meet their social needs but also serve to prevent isolation and loneliness.

​With this objective in mind, Bud Adler and Dave Berger established the Sharon Men's Choral Group. Their thought being that they could, through music could bring joy, comfort, and most importantly, lots of smiles, to all the people they would touch through music.

​For the first couple of years The Choral Group performed one concert per year. After a few years and through the strong, determined, and thoughtful leadership of Bud and Dave, the Choral Group (now called the Hits and Mrs.) has grown into a choral group that has, a dedicated musical director and accompanist, narrator and 27 extremely focused individuals who perform individually and as a group.


The Hits and Misses practice for their concerts from May through the end of August, with performances in September and October. They serve as good will ambassadors and bring happiness to retirement homes, nursing homes, and the Council on Aging, in Sharon, Canton, Stoughton, Walpole, Norwood, and Brockton. The last concert every year is performed for The Sharon Men's Club and is covered by the Sharon Cable Company, and they show it on their TV channel periodically throughout the following year. In total there are eight or nine concerts preformed in these communities.

​After many years of practicing at Hixon Farms, this year we will be practicing at Whitney Place. This is very exciting because we will be practicing in the auditorium and the residents of Whitney Place, can come and listen.

The Hits and Mrs. absolutely embody all the values that Bud, and Dave envisioned so many years ago and so doing have helped the SMC achieve one of its main objectives, being a wonderful ambassador of smiles to those we entertain.

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