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Michael Shain is the Narrator for The Hits and Mrs. Choral Group.  It is Michael’s task to put together a brief history, the body and soul, of each song that is being performed by the Choral Group or soloist.  Before the song is performed Michael tells the audience the history of the song that is being performed, thus giving the song more life for the audience.  The history of the song includes, its name, when the song was written, who wrote the lyrics and music, why the song was written, i.e., for a movie, Broadway show, for a particular performer or group, etc.  Who first performed the song and when it was first released?  And whether there will be audience participation with the Choral Group or soloist, like a sing along and that the Musical Director will cue the audience when to join in if there is one.

Michael’s performance is very important as it sets the mood for the song that is about to be performed.  But not to fret because he is excellent at the job and thus sets up a wonderful feeling of anticipation in the performer(s) and the audience.





Sandy Woolf is the Editor of the song book for The Hits and Mrs. Choral Group  Sandy’s task includes typing each song, word by word, line by line on to a single sheet of paper and then putting them in numerical order as to when they will be performed.  Sandy needs to edit each one of the songs as the Choral Group or soloist practices and makes their changes, and this process is on going from May thru August on a weekly basis. Usually there are 20 or 22 songs involved in our programs and we are a group of 27 singers.  Just some of the changes that she needs to do to the song sheets during this period are, indicating men or women’s part, change in inflection of singing, whether we’re singing or talking in the song, a change in how we sing a word, softly or loudly, maybe deleting some words as the song is too long, etc.  This is a tireless task and one that takes extreme care and patience, as no mistakes are allowed in doing this job.  In the end Sandy does the job perfectly and at the end of our practice period and before our concerts begin each one of the 27 Choral members has a complete and perfect song book as our Musical Director has instructed. 

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