I would like to take this opportunity to welcome current and potential members and the general public to our meetings at the Sharon Community Center. 

SMC meets every Tuesday at the Sharon Senior Center 


All members are required to follow all of the Health Requirements established by the Governor and Health Authorities of the State of Massachusetts.


All participants must were a proper face mask and respect social distancing recommendations.

Please do not attend meetings if you are ill and/or experiencing any of the symptoms associated with Influenza or COViD.


We will no longer provide food or beverages at meetings. In addition, those in attendance are not allowed to bring food or beverages with them.  

The executive committee wants to encourage more members to become active. We need to increase  member involvement with the club. The following activities need support: 


Activity Committee - Day trips, as well as longer trips.

Phone squad

By-Law Committee

Please contact me if you have an interest in helping out. 




The Sharon Men’s Club is a social organization to provide support to men as they navigated their the transition from a working life to retirement and their senior years. 


Initially envisioned as a social outlet, The SMC has grown into a support group that supports me mbers by showing an interest in each other's well-being, enhance the quality of life through conversation and friendship. We look at our selves as a means of to prevent isolation and loneliness as a result of illness or death of loved ones.

The Club meets every Tuesday at the Sharon Community Center, Each meeting has a speaker discussing topics that are timely and relevant to SMC member interests. Coffee, bagels and pastries are provided at these meetings.


On the first Tuesday of each month, there’s a breakfast get-together where wives, significant others and friends can relax and enjoy scrambled eggs, bagels, lox, and for those who really care, tomatos and onions.


No one ever leaves hungry!


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