The Sharon Men’s Club is a social organization to provide support to men as they navigated their the transition from a working life to retirement and their senior years. 


Initially envisioned as a social outlet, The SMC has grown into a support group that supports me mbers by showing an interest in each other's well-being, enhance the quality of life through conversation and friendship. We look at our selves as a means of to prevent isolation and loneliness as a result of illness or death of loved ones.

The Club meets every Tuesday at the Sharon Community Center, Each meeting has a speaker discussing topics that are timely and relevant to SMC member interests. Coffee, bagels and pastries are provided at these meetings.


On the first Tuesday of each month, there’s a breakfast get-together where wives, significant others and friends can relax and enjoy scrambled eggs, bagels, lox, and for those who really care, tomatos and onions.


No one ever leaves hungry!



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