Welcome to the Sharon Men’s Club (SMC) website.


The SMC has been in existence since 1992 when David Berger, Kathy Madeiros (Community Center Director) and David Clifton (Recreation Director), that Sharon needed a social organization that could provide support to men as they navigated their the transition from a working life to retirement and their senior years. 


Since then The SMC has grown into a support group that supports members by showing an interest in each other's well-being, enhance the quality of life through conversation and friendship .


We look to our selves as a means to prevent isolation and loneliness as a result of illness or death of loved ones and provide social activities that enrich our lives. 

The Club meets every Tuesday at the Sharon Community Center, at 9:00 am.  Each meeting has a speaker to present  topics that are timely and relevant to SMC member interests.


Coffee, bagels and pastries are provided at these meetings.


Since its formation The SMC has grown from the original group to over over 260 members.


To meet its social objective, the Club sponsors group activities like pool, whist, cribbage, investment club, a walking club, bowling, bocce, and golf.

The SMC also sponsors a variety of small and extended trips during the year.  This year we will attend a Boston Pops concerts and  Woosox games in Worcester. In past years we spent the day at Martha's Vineyard, a boat cruise and whale watch, a visit to Provincetown on a parade day, a day at Plymouth Plantation, Newport Mansions tour and a tour of the Tuoro Synagogue, just to name a few. 


We also have longer trips. In the past we have gone to Washington DC, Gettysburg,  Amish and Menonite communiyies in Pennsylvania, Montreal and Quebec, Fall Foliage (leaf peeping) in New Hampshire. 

If you are interested in coming to a meeting to see if our club fits your needs; please contact me or a member of our Membership Committee.


Jeffrey A. Shapiro

President SMC

617-512-3411   email: jeffs7132@gmail.com 


Membership Committee:

Bud Adler             781-784-3834 email:  budjan12@aol.com

Phil Rosen            508-230-3599 email:  monaphil@aol.com  

Harvey Janson    508-583-2260 email:  judyandharvey@comcast.net  



All members are required to follow all of the Health Requirements established by Sharon Senior Center and  Health Authorities of the State of Massachusetts.

If you are ill and/or experiencing any of the symptoms associated with Influenza or COViD, PLEASE  do not attend meetings


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