At the January 11th meeting the following motion was made: 

I, Ralph Jacobs, as a member in good standing in the Sharon Men's Club, ask the Bylaw committee to add the amendment to the Bylaws, as presented below:

“The number of members that constitute a quorum is changed to 50 for the balance of 2021, after which it will revert to 60. If conditions that hamper or restrict the resumption of in-person meetings still exist at the end of 2021, this lower quorum requirement may be extended to May 31, 2022 by way of a motion made, voted on and passed by a majority of members during a regularly scheduled meeting, provided that a 50 member quorum is present. No prior notice of this vote will be required. If the extension of reduced quorum is extended, It will revert to 60 after the extension expires.”

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