TRAVEL / Pennsylvania bus trip


What’s a good measure of success?


Members on the October bus tour said that a good part of the fun was getting on board the bus with people you sort of knew, but a few days later coming home all as friends.


In a trip that took in the newly-opened 9/11 Memorial in Pennsylvania, as well the historic Gettysburg battlefield and the great food and folks of Amish country, things were never dull.

The most memorable part of the trip for some was the Gettysburg battlefield. Our group did not realize the size and scope of the loss of life: more than 46,000 lives lost in a single battle. We also learned how close the Confederates came to winning.


The cyclorama at Gettysburg, one of only three in the world, is a 360-degree adaptation of the battlefield.

Another fascinating part of the trip was learning about the Amish. We were able to speak with them and ask questions about their lifestyle, and a high point of that experience was dinner at a Amish farm -- SMC members always appreciate good food!