March 23, 2021


The meeting was called to order by President Roger Barmash at approximately 9:03 AM via Zoom conference call. Approximately 40 members and guests were logged on.


Jim Jeneral led those present in the Pledge of Allegiance.


Assistant Secretary Ed Rubin. Read the minutes of the March 9, 2021 meeting. A motion was made and seconded, and they were accepted by a majority vote.


Andy Klassman, Chairman of the Charitable Giving Committee read the motion which had been presented at the meeting of March 9th for donations to be made to both the Food Pantry of the Sharon First Congregational Church and to Family Table of Jewish Family and Children’s Services. A quorum of members eligible to vote was not present and the motion was tabled until such time as a quorum would be present.


Treasurer Jim Jeneral gave the members an update on the Club’s financial position. Members were reminded that our account balances remain strong as we are not being required to pay rent. Our other expenses are very modest, and we can afford to consider charitable giving options.


Assistant Treasurer Harvey Levine reminded the members that dues of $25 are payable during the month of May. Any payments received after that will be assessed a late payment fee. Approximately 132 members have not yet paid their dues. Payments should be sent to Jim Jeneral at your earliest convenience.


Harvey Tobolsky gave the following Glad and Sad Report:


   We extend condolences to members David and Steve Hyman whose mother Bernice Bickoff passed away on March 3rd at the age of 104.


   David Kaplan and his wife Harriette have not been feeling well.


   Bill Stamoulis has had problems with sciatica.


   Jack Bennett recently had a heart procedure and is recuperating at home. His wife Sheila, has had a severe attack of osteo arthritis.


   Marty Woolf is at the Copley Nursing Home in Stoughton undergoing physical therapy and treatment for a urinary infection.


Appropriate cards were sent to the above.


Bud Adler, Chairman of the Membership Committee paid tribute to Past President Joe Beberman and his many contributions to the Club. We are now in need of someone to take over the printing and assembly of the ID badges we wear when meeting in person. Please call Bud if you are interested in assisting the Club in being able to continue this tradition.


Ken Siegal notified us that Bocce, which has continued throughout the Winter, meets each Wednesday morning at 9:00 AM at the Sharon Community Center Bocce Courts. Volunteers recently regraded the courts to assure optimal conditions for the continuation of play. Contact him if you would like to join.


Mike Yawitch announced that he hopes to be able to resume the weekly Golf matches within the next few weeks. Please call him if you wish to be included.


Neil Nager invited all to participate in the Walking Club’s weekly hike every Friday morning, weather permitting, at different locations in and around Sharon and in the Blue Hills. He would like to hear from you if you would like to be placed on the notification list.


Neil also invited members to buy-in and participate in the Investment Club’s monthly meetings. Their next meeting is scheduled for April 8th.


Bob Soffer, Chairman of the Programs and Speakers Committee welcomed back Stuart Jacoby of Sharon who currently is a practicing psychologist in Sharon for a discussion of the Benefits of Connecting with Grandchildren. Steve Cohn assisted him with his slide presentation via the Zoom connection.

Dr. Jacoby briefly outlined a variety of roles which grandparents could take such as Historian, Nurturer, Mentor, Playmate, Role Model, Teacher, and Caregiver. He cautioned that you should always keep in mind your children’s preferences. He particularly was concerned with our being aware of any actions which may be a hinting at suicidal thoughts in our grandchildren. 

An informative Q and A followed.


The next meeting will be held on April 6th.


Respectfully submitted,


Norman Ainbinder, Secretary



February 23. 2021


The meeting was called to order by President Roger Barmash at 9:02 AM. 54 Members and guests were logged on via Zoom conference call.


Ed Shifman presented the Colors and led the Club in the Pledge of Allegiance.


Secretary Norman Ainbinder read the Secretary’s reports of the February 9, 2021 Regular Meeting and the Executive Board Meeting. A motion to accept both was made and seconded and they were approved by a majority vote.


Membership and Dues: Assistant Treasurer Harvey Levine advised that membership is now at only 172 members. Members were reminded that dues should be paid in a timely manner to avoid the late payment penalty.


Glad and Sad: Harvey Tobolsky presented the following report:


   Condolences are extended to Dan Liberman on the passing of his sister, Nancy Resnick, on February 9th.


   We received an acknowledgement and thank you from Beth Israel Medical Center for our donation in memory of Past President Kenneth Sawyer.


   Past President Fred Kaplan is in a nursing home in Andover. His wife, Fay, is in an assisted living facility in Andover.


   We extend our condolences to the family of Past President Joe Beberman who passed away on February 11th at the age of 84. Private graveside services were held. A donation in his memory will be made to Jewish Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Greater Boston. 


   Morris Casso is back at Heights Crossing Assisted Living in Brockton following a recent hospitalization.


   Ian Johnstone was recently admitted to Beth Israel Milton following a heart attack.


   Selma Engler, widow of deceased member Sid Engler, has been suffering from arthritis in both legs.


   Harry Millman has been hospitalized in Florida due to a heart problem.


   We received an acknowledgement and thank you from the family of the late David Kobey for our donation in his memory to the Jewish Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Greater Boston.


   Condolences are extended to the family of the late Nelson Robello who passed away on February 19th. Funeral services were private. A donation in his memory will be made to the New England Aquarium.


   Bud Adler spoke of his long friendship with Past President Joe Beberman and of Joe’s contributions to the growth and success of the Club. Joe was a friend to many and will be missed.


By Law Changes: A motion to approve a change to the By Laws Article III Section 7 requiring all yearly dues payments and other costs to be paid by check only was brought forward, seconded and approved by majority vote. 

A motion to amend Article VIII Section 3 of the By Laws to permit nominees for any office to be suggested to the Nominating Committee by Club members no later than the end of April was brought forward, seconded and approved by a majority vote. 


Investment Club: Neil Nager spoke of the continued success and favorable returns being experienced by the group. He invited all members to join their Zoom meetings and buy-in as investors.



Bob Soffer, Chairman of the Speakers and Programs Committee introduced us to Marcos Kerbel of Miami, FL. Mr. Kerbel, spoke of his being sent to the United States from Cuba in 1961, at age 14, to live with a foster family in Los Angeles. After about a year his family was able to move to the United States and they were then reunited. 

The history of Jewish settlement in Cuba seems to date back to the voyages of Columbus to the Caribbean. It is thought that Jews escaping persecution in Europe accompanied him and established homes in Cuba. There was also some immigration to Cuba from American Jewish soldiers who had fought in the Spanish/American War. With the takeover of the government by the Castro regime and the loss of business opportunities many Jewish Cubans decided to come to the U.S.

Support from the American and Canadian Jewish Communities was most helpful to those who chose to leave and to those who have remained.


Dan Liberman spoke of his trip to Cuba prior to the US government’s decision to break off relations and tour arrangements.


Club member Steve Braidman’s wife, Becky, briefly spoke with Mr. Kerbel of some of the friends and relatives they knew in common amongst the Cuban-American Jewish community in Miami, at Florida International University and throughout the U.S.


Next meeting will be held on March 9th.


The Executive Committee will meet immediately following today’s meeting.


Respectfully submitted, 


Norman Ainbinder, Secretary

January 12, 2021

The meeting was called to order at approximately 9:05 AM by President, Roger Barmash. 66 members and guests were logged on via Zoom conference call.
Ed Shifman led the club in the Pledge of Allegiance.

President Barmash made opening remarks and included a tribute to Past President Ken Sawyer who had passed away on December 31, 2020.

Andy Klassman has agreed to assist in the formation of a charitable giving committee. Please call him at: (781) 784-6225 if you are interested in joining the group.

Secretary Norman Ainbinder read the minutes of the December 22, 2020 meeting.
Sad and Glad: Harvey Tobolsky presented the following report:
A donation was made to the Temple Sinai of Sharon Hesed Fund in memory of Charles (Chick) Heinberg who had passed away on December 21, 2020.
We extend condolences to Milton Dean whose wife of 57 years, Marilyn, passed away on14 th . Private services were held on December 16 th .


Milton Dean is recovering from pneumonia at Care One of Newton.
Sam Goldsmith is at Newbridge on the Charles recovering from pneumonia and congestive heart failure.
Congratulations to Norman and Rena Leafer who will celebrate their 64 th anniversary on Feb 3 rd .

Congratulations to Roger and Cynthia Barmash on the birth of their grandson on Dec. 30, 2020. Welcome to Lucas Ray Barmash who tipped the scales at 9lbs and 6ozs. A big boy!


Harvey and Nancy Lewis celebrated 53 years of happy and blissful marriage on Dec 24 th .

Condolences are extended to the family of Past President Ken Sawyer who passed away on Dec 31 st at the age of 78. Services were private. A donation in his memory was made to Beth Israel Medical Center in Brookline.


We received acknowledgements and thank you notes from the family of Milton Wolk and Temple B’Nai Shalom for our donation in his memory.


Congratulations to Stan and Phyllis Bello who will celebrate their 70 th anniversary on Feb 18 th .Stan will be celebrating his 91 st birthday on March 2 nd .


Condolences are extended to the family of former member Norton A. “Al” Ferrin who passed away on Jan. 5 th at age 91 in Albany, NY. Donations may be made in his honor to the Sharon Men’s Club or the West End House Boys and Girls Club.



Membership: Bud Adler advised that membership is currently 279. Former member Jay Chin has reapplied for membership and been reinstated.


New Business:

Member-at-Large Ralph Jacobs read and presented a written motion to temporarily reduce the required quorum to 50 members. It was forwarded to the By Laws Committee for their review and recommendation. Copies of the proposal will be provided to all members. It is hoped that it will be voted on at the next meeting on January 26 th . 60 members must be present and voting
for it to be put in place.


The text is as follows: “The number of members that constitute a quorum is changed to 50 for the balance of 2021, after which it will revert to 60. If conditions that hamper or restrict the resumption of in-person meetings still exist at the end of 2021, this lower quorum may be extended to May 31, 2022 by way of a motion made, voted on and passed by a majority of members during a regularly scheduled meeting, provided that a 50-member quorum is present. No prior notice of this vote will be required. If the extension of reduced quorum is extended, it will revert to 60 after the extension expires.”

Steve Lectner, Chairman of the By Laws Committee advised that his committee will be reconvened today and review the suggested amendment.


Bob Soffer, Chairman of the Programs and Speakers Committee introduced Dr. Charles Jacobs, Cofounder on Slaves and Christian Slaves as well as those parts of the world where they may be primarily found. He urged members to become more knowledgeable in the subject and to actively contact their representatives to request a condemnation of these practices.


A brief Q and A followed his presentation.

Members of the Executive Committee and the By Laws Committee were asked to remain logged on at the conclusion of the meeting.


Our next meeting will be on January 26 th and our speaker will be Beth Goldman who is an acting coach.

December 22, 2020

The meeting was called to order at approximately 9:05 AM by President Roger Barmash. 72 members and guests were logged on via Zoom conference call.
Ed Shifman led the members in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Secretary Norman Ainbinder read the minutes of the December 8th meeting. The minutes were accepted by majority vote.


The Secretary asked for members to call to member Mario Ferretti who is currently living at thebArbors in Stoughton and is in need of some conversation.
Harvey Tobolsky presented an In Memoriam and a moment of silence to those members who have passed away during 2020, as follows:


Stanley Jacobs,

Arthur L. Levine,

Warren Brenner,
Lawrence Williams,

Charles Liftman,

Milton Wolk,

Jay Diston,

President Ralph Generazzo,
Herbert Snyder,

Robert M. Schwartz,

Past President Sidney Hurwitz,

Chick Herinberg,

Past President Robert Howard,

Hyman Lamb,

Albert Levenson, and

Richard Mould.

Glad & Sad: Jay Wassersug is in Hospice Care at home
Congratulations to Ira & Rosanne Abramson on the birth of a grandson, Samuel Henry Abramson who was born on Sunday, December 6th . Proud parents are Steve and Emily Abramson.


We received an acknowledgement and thank you from the family of Leo Kadet for our donation in his memory to the Temple Sinai, of Sharon, Hesed Fund.


Condolences are extended to the family of Herbert Snyder who had passed away on December 13 th . Services and internment were private. A donation in his memory will be made to the Greater Boston Food Bank.


We extend our condolences to Stephen Lechter whose mother, Evelyn Lechter Blumberg, passed away at the age of 91 on December 17 th in Westwood, MA.


Past President Joe Beberman recently had a pacemaker procedure at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital and is recuperating at home.
The club extends condolences to the family of Chick Herinberg who passed away on December 21st from complications due to COVID 19.


Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Jim Jeneral presented a year to date summary as follows:

Income $8,513 Expenses: $2,689 Net Income: $5.824
Checking Account Balance: $7,407 Savings Account Balance: $8,049
Expenses for the year were minimal as we have been meeting on line for the last 9 months.


Historian/Webmaster: Dan Liberman has received some additional assistance with the task at hand. We are grateful to those who have stepped up to do so. However, more help is still needed. Please call Dan to see how you can help get this important work completed.


Sharon Cable has provided copies of some of the Hits and Misses Winter Concerts which have now been posted on our club website.


The following disclaimer has been added to our website:

Guest speaker discussions at meetings of the Sharon Men’s Club (SMC) and all
content published on the SMC website are provided for informational purposes
and do not reflect the position(s) held by the Club Officers, Website Manager or
individual Club Members.
By using this information, the user agrees not to hold the SMC liable for personal
decisions that are based on information contained on the Website, presented at
Club meetings, in blog posts, reader responses to blog posts, or information
anywhere else on their website or in promotional material. 


Investment Club: Neil Nager advised that the group will be meeting this afternoon at 3:30 via Zoom conference. Members are pleased with the group’s investments return and growth in buy-in share value over this past year.


Membership: Harvey Levine reported that membership currently stands at 277 slightly down from over 300 in recent years. A few men are currently awaiting initiation and formal introduction once we are able to resume in-person meeting(s).
Bob Soffer, Chairman of the Speakers Committee introduced Jody Kipnis co-director of the Holocaust Legacy Foundation. Jody presented 3 freshman college students who had participated in the Foundation’s educational opportunities and trip to the internment camp sites in Poland in 2019. Each student briefly reviewed his/her experiences for the club members and guests. Jody introduced her co-director, Todd Ruderman and also Debbie Coltin who is involved in the Foundation’s educational efforts.

A very interesting Q & A followed the presentations with an emphasis on the need to preserve the memory of the atrocities committed during the Holocaust. The number of survivors is decreasing rapidly, and it falls to us and our families to keep the story alive, maintain the struggle against anti-Semitism and to be aware of the Holocaust Deniers and their influence on future generations. It was also suggested that an effort should be made to create a Holocaust Museum and education center in the Boston area to help preserve the story.


March of the Living is another resource available to young people in the Boston area for trips to internment camp sites in Poland combined with a trip to Israel.


Our next meeting on January12th will be our annual MLK gathering with a special presentation on Modern Day Slavery scheduled.


Christmas Greetings and a Happy New Year to all.


Respectfully submitted,
Norman Ainbinder, Secretary