Only a few of our members were actually brought up in                                          Sharon. Where were you brought up? What are your                                                best memories of living or going to school there?

                                       I grew up in Miami, which was a beautiful city --  not                                                overbuilt and not overcrowded. My fondest memories                                           involved beaches and boating and diving and fishing in                                         the Keys and the Everglades.



Since joining the club you’ve heard guest speakers talk about many different subjects at weekly club meetings. Was there a particular favorite and why?

I enjoyed hearing the woman from the Big Y who taught healthy eating. I also like the historical presentations like the restoration of the Old Sharon Fountain.


How about work? What was the very first job you ever had? And yes, that includes delivering newspapers or mowing lawns. Tell us about it.

My first job was delivering the Miami News on my bicycle.Other jobs -- my love of cars came from working at the local Sunoco station, and then I was a short order cook at a small hot dog and hamburger joint.


Tell us where you’ve been in your travels. Do you have any favorite places you’ve traveled to? Is there someplace you’ve always wanted to travel to? What makes that place so special?

The two most spectacular places I’ve traveled to are Israel and Alaska. I’d like to visit Hawaii and Australia.


Everybody has a favorite sports team, whether it’s a Little League team or a professional one. What’s yours and why? Or maybe it was an unusual sport. What’s yours and why?

I grew up a Miami Dolphins fan and a University of Miami fan. While living in California I was a 49ers and an Oakland A’s fan. The last 30 years have had me a Sox and Celtics and Pats fan. 


When you are not doing some men’s club activity, what’s your favorite way to spend a day and why? Do you have any hobbies like visiting museums, golfing, playing cards, working out or gardening?

I still like going to the beach, or an easy hike, and especially museums and the theater.


Let’s talk about food? What is your favorite meal/restaurant? What is the most unusual food you’ve eaten?

I like the BBQ beef ribs at Clyde’s restaurant. The most unusual foods:  all from my days as a camper at the Ocala National Forest in Central Florida. I got to try rattlesnake, possum, alligator, and softshell turtle.


Do you like to cook and what are your favorite foods you enjoy cooking?

I do like cooking in my retirement -- my specialty is steak and salmon, both on the outside grill and in the oven.


Did you have an interesting and fulfilling career? Tell us about it?

My retail career with Federated Dept. Stores was very rewarding, and besides all the travel and excellent compensation I still have good friends we visit every year.


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