Not many of our members were actually raised in Sharon -- where were you brought up?
I was raised in Bayside Queens New York. There were 9 guys on the street so it was easy to get a game of street football or stick ball.  One of my best memories was that I had a large German Shepherd named “Bear” and I would put a harness on him, get on my skateboard and have him pull me around town.

Since joining the club, you’ve seen guest speakers talk about a variety of different subjects at weekly club meetings. Was there a particular favorite, and why? Or, is there a topic you'd be interested in hearing about?
Being a golfer (frequently in the woods :) ), I found the talk on ticks interesting and the presentation by Roger Levine on estate planning to be very helpful.  

How about work --  what was the very first job you ever had (and yes, that includes delivering newspapers or mowing lawns)? Tell us about it.
My father was a plumbing contractor and during school breaks I would go to work with him.  Usually to some restaurant in Manhattan where we couldn’t start work until they shut down for the night and had to be gone by the time they opened for breakfast - not fun. By the way -- don’t ask me to help change a faucet or anything -- I call a plumber when I need work done.

What was the best job you ever had? What made you like that one more than others
I spent 37.5 years working for my last employer - 15 years in the treasury group and then in IT working on a system called SAP.  Besides working with a team I enjoyed, from day to day the work was always changing and did a lot of traveling to the companies other locations around the world, meeting and getting to know the team members in other countries. 

Tell us where to go -- do you have any favorite places you’ve traveled to?
We try to take at least one good trip each year.  This year we spent 4 weeks in Australia and New Zealand.  Last year a couple of weeks in Greece. We’ve cruised the Caribbean, the Mediterranean Sea, the Adriatic Sea, up to Alaska.  Some of our favorite places to go to relax include Aruba, Hawaii, and we made it to Bora Bora and Tahiti which was amazing.  

Still talking travel: Is there someplace you’ve always wanted to travel to?
We have a bucket list of places -- we are planning a trip to Morocco possibly next year, we want to do a river cruise down the Yangtze River, visit Ireland, Greenland, and Iceland to name a few.

Everybody has a favorite sports team. What’s yours, and why? 
When I moved to Mass in 1977 from New York, I left the NY teams behind.  Have season tickets to the Patriots (which my sons took over) and being a golfer or at least someone who tries to play golf, I will put a golf tournament on TV as background noise while doing things around the house.

Let's talk food -- what's your favorite: Restaurant: Don’t know if there is one favorite;  Meal: my friends would say my favorite is chicken parmigiana; Dish that you like to cook: Chicken cutlet.


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