SMC mourns the passing of our Club’s president


Remembering our President, Ralph Generazzo 

The unexpected loss on Sept. 11 of our Club’s president, Ralph Generazzo, has saddened all of us. We can only try our best to live up to the standards he set for us.,

Some remembrances


Our Club president, My friend. I will miss you. -- Roger Barmash

Bud Adler 

I brought Ralph Generazzo into the Sharon Men's Club 10 years ago. He soon got to know most of the members, was active and became vice president and was president at his passing, the first sitting president to pass away in club history. Everyone loved Ralph. He was kind and considerate and filled with ideas to make the club better. I was proud that he called me his mentor and I will miss him as will everyone who knew him. --

Dan Liberman 

Ralph was simply an exemplary man  devoted to his wife, Eileen, his family and his Faith. He was a loyal friend and everyone who knew and spent time with him was truly blessed. When I had my knee surgery, his was the first call I received, my first visitor, and when he sensed that I was a little down, he insisted on taking me to lunch and then to whist. He always saw the best in people. The world lost a true Mensch and I lost my friend. -

Tim Ronayne 

What I remember most about Ralph, he was a Mensch , a good guy. Always ready to help and be there if needed. -- Harvey Levine Ralph had a special spot in his heart for the Sharon Men’s Club. He would actively recruit new members, started the Bocce group (now about 25 members playing on two courts), served on several committees, and was voted as President. He could not wait to get started. --

Millie Tobolsky 

Ralph told me that a high priority for him was to preserve the Comradeship of the Sharon Men’s Club. –

Bob Soffer 

To me, Ralph Generazzo was a mensch , a Yiddish word that means a very good person. I always found Ralph to be a gentleman and someone who truly cared about other people. Ralph was always very supportive of my work on the club's Programs/Speakers Committee and he was a terrific sounding board. There are many ways to honor Ralph's memory and here is one -- make an extra effort to be friendly and welcoming, especially to new members. A "hello" and a "nice to see you" can go a long way to making the Sharon Men's Club the kind of organization that Ralph envisioned.--

Ken Siegal

It’s hard to think of -- or remember seeing -- Ralph, our club president, without a smile. His warmth, and willingness to do for others inspired others to try to do more as well. We were all enriched by knowing him, and exhausted trying to keep up with him. --