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Developing A Family History Including The Surprising And Important Things That Can Be Learned

This program will begin with a very brief presentation about the free genealogy resources available at many of the libraries in the Old Colony Library Network which includes the public libraries in Canton, Randolph, Sharon and Stoughton.   The other part of the program will be about some of the interesting and important things that can be learned when doing a family search, things that can go well beyond just developing a list of one's ancestors.  The information provided during this presentation may prove helpful to individuals as they develop their own family histories, a good stay-at-home project for the cold winter months that lie ahead.  This includes some creative ways to develop family stories even if only very limited family information is available.  The speakers will be Miki Wolfe, Assistant Director of the Sharon Public Library and club member, Bob Soffer.


DECEMBER 22nd - 


Teenagers Talk About the Holocaust and Hate

In August 2019, 16 teens stood on the grounds of the Treblenka, Auschwitz and Majdanek concentration camps in Poland on an educational trip with funders and co-directors Jody Kipnis and Todd Ruderman of the Holocaust Legacy Foundation.  The things they saw made the stories of abuse, antisemitism and genocide suddenly very real.  In December, with International Holocaust Remembrance Day only a month away (January 27, 2021), our speakers will be three Holocaust Legacy Fellows who will share their reflections and answer questions on their experiences.   The Holocaust Legacy Fellows program was not only created to prepare teens to be the conduit for the memory and lessons of the Holocaust for future generations, but to empower them to be critical thinkers who will illuminate the world with hope, respect and responsibility.  This sets this Holocaust education program apart from any other.   


November 24th 9 a.m. (via Zoom):- The Club That No Man Wants to Join - Prostate Cancer

One in six men are diagnosed with prostate cancer and it is the second leading cause of death in men.  This presentation will address: (i) how prostate cancer is diagnosed, (ii) the current three major avenues of treatment - surgery, radiation and/or hormone therapy, (iii) quality of life issues after treatment and (iv) other related issues.  Our speaker will be Gary Halvorsen.  Gary is a prostate cancer victim and victor.   Gary is not a doctor, but his own experience with prostate cancer has led him to devote much of his time to helping others who have this disease.  This includes leading the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center's Boston Prostate Cancer Support Group which now meets online the first Monday of the month and he also leads the Beth Israel Lahey Health, Winchester Hospital Prostate Cancer Support Group which now meets online the first Wednesday of the month.   These support groups are open to anyone.   

November 10th 9 a.m. (via Zoom): - A Veteran's Story

Over the years, numerous veterans, including some club members, have talked about their military experiences at Sharon Men's Club meetings.   In November, in honor of Veterans Day, our speaker will be Harvey Weiner, the immediate past National Commander of the Jewish War Veterans of the USA (the "JWV").  Founded in 1896, the JWV is America's oldest active veterans' association.   Harvey's presentation will include his own personal journey from the Vietnam War to head of the JVW as well as some observations about the importance of military service.

Oct. 27, 9 a.m. (via ZOOM): CABLE CORD CUTTING and MORE Looking for new ways to watch TV? Club member Andy Klassman can help. First, Andy will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of "cutting the cable TV cord" -- in other words, eliminating a cable TV box and instead streaming TV programs. But wait, there’s more. Andy will also look at different ways to connect your computer, smartphone or tablet to your TV so you can watch programs, lectures or events such as religious services on big screen TVs.

Oct. 13, 9 a.m. (via Zoom): A MUSICAL TRIBUTE Sit back, relax and enjoy the music and the background of some of America's best known lyricists and composers -- Irving Berlin, Yip Harburg and Harold Arlen. The presentation will be made by club member Marty Agulnek.


September 8th.  (via Zoom): Understanding the nature of college based debt and the role of preplanning college selection as part of the decision.

Considering that the expenses at most colleges are not showing much in the way of tuition reduction this year and the rapidly increasing rate of student debt we have reached the point of families needing to plan more carefully over the next few years. A big factor in college expenses is the reduction this year in the number of foreign students who comprise the largest group paying full tuition as well as room & board. We all need to ask ourselves if the cost particularly at the most sought-after schools is worth it or what is the expected return on our investment. Todd Weaver Sr. Vice President of Strategies for College Inc. 

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